Collectif Arsys was created through a common passion for chamber music. Eager to explore musical universes (whether they are traditional, classical, romantic or contemporary) these musicians gathered in a “variable geometry” ensemble.

The cornerstones of this project are the saxophone and the will to exhibit this instrument to an audience as miscellaneous as possible. Hence, transcriptions and original works they both play an essential role inside our various concert programs. There exists a veritable yearning for instrumental research as to tones, styles or playing modes. The aim is to transcend saxophone limits in order to attain interpretation requirements.

Adaptability is the very essence of Colletif Arsys. Ensembles and programs are conceived to satisfy the expectations of both the audience and the concert halls. In addition, the wide range of available ensembles (from saxophone duo or quartet to piano trio and quintet) allows our musicians to explore the vast existing chamber music repertoire.

Collectif Arsys provides artistic combinations allowing to embrace a rich selection of musical universes as well as widening the field opportunities.

Being the first in-residence ensemble at the Brussels ‘Conservatoire Royal de Musique’, Collectif Arsys has performed in spaces such as ‘Bozar’ in Brussels, ‘le Triangel’ in Saint-Vith or ‘l’Espace Senghor’ in Etterbeek (Brussels).